Medical Content Disclaimer

You probably already realize this;) I am not a trained medical professional.

What I am:

I am a retired teacher, mom of adult children, wife, grandma, sister, friend, yogi, hiker, kayaker, nature lover, etc.  None of those gives me the training to give you medical advice.

What I hope to do:

What I do here is to share my own experiences living with fibromyalgia and co-morbid issues.  You may find some resonate with you personally.  If so, good.  However, always, always get the advice of a trained professional.

I have learned from others and then brought questions to my doctors who sometimes explain why thus and such wouldn't be good for me but many times is something they suggest I try.  I've found many of my doctors don't have much knowledge of fibromyalgia, so what I've learned from others and my own research and experience has helped me.  I hope, then, to give you things to think about and consult with your doctor.  Through doing this, I hope our medical professionals will become more educated on how to treat fibromyalgia.

What I hope you do:

I hope that you can find glimmers of your own journey in mine and through that find comfort.  I feel that the more we share our stories, the more connected and validated each of us becomes.  I would ask that if you see something here you feel may help you, that you bring it up with your medical caregiver.  

Here's to feeling validated, connected, and well!

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