Sunday, July 14, 2019

Whatever Makes You Hopeful and Lightens Your Heart Just a Little...

This is one important part of my yoga space
My long-time friend, Mindy, sent me this card a while back.  I framed it because I think it's beautiful and fits in with my candle and vase.  The saying in the circle is "Whatever makes you hopeful and lightens your heart just a little..."  After finally feeling well enough to get up, take a shower, and attempt yoga at home, this was a great reminder for this day and every day.

Today, I did a slow Yin yoga (a routine that popped up yesterday in my Facebook feed) from Yoga Journal.  I added in a few other poses and used my yogi blankets, bolster, and Coregeous ball liberally.

I did each of the poses to the station I've made on Pandora: My Yoga
With Deva Primal

with Krishna Das

with Eva Cassidy

with Carla Bruni

After an hour of practice, it has made me hopeful and has lightened my heart.  I'm ready to face the day.

*My Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms are lessened this morning. Not FULLy myself, yet, but I feel myself immerging. 

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