Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Complete Blessing That Is My Life

The full moon on Pettit Lake (obscured by clouds)

I live a life of many blessings.  When I'm in pain or brain fog or energy drained state, I need to reflect on this.  I took this photo last night. After spending the evening working out with my daughter in a special program geared for our health needs (Momentum at Tamarac-The Center for Health and Well-Being) and then sharing sushi from our local grocery store (small town in need of a sushi restaurant), I drove home, beginning to get the ill-ease of Cymbalta withdrawal again.  Kelley met me at the car after I pulled into the garage, glass of wine in hand, enticing me to go out onto the dock rather into bed.

We sat there, a soft, fresh breeze lightly massaging out the crud that seems to cause me to feel as if I'm in an unending state of hangover. (I've been off Cymbalta for one week.  I've gotten some advice that I should have either done the 30mg every other day for a while or take out a few "beads" from the capsule to wean off slower. I will talk to my doctor tomorrow to find out if it's too late to do this or just stay the course for now.)  We listen to the third book in the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson as we sit silently, looking over the gently rippled lake.

Kelley interrupts the storyline to get me to look to the eastern sky.  The white full moon is just over the tops of the trees, sneaking in early-the skies are still blue with a few white clouds dashed as if by some lazy painter.  Fairly quickly, though, the sky darkens as if the sun knows it's time to call it a day, and the full moon shines.  However, at one point a bandit patch of clouds begins to steal parts of the full circled moon until it is completely erased from the sky.  It really seemed like a magic trick, the clouds melded so well with the color of the surrounding sky.

The photo above was taken when I saw that the clouds were ending its sleight of hand and opening its palms to show us just how it had done the trick. These are moments when I stop and soak in perfection-the complete blessing that is my life.

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