Striving each day to live FULLY despite the pain of Fibromyalgia.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Going from PAINfully Living to PainFULLY Living

The journey I've taken since my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

This past June (2018), as my husband and I drove across the country from Michigan to California in our Ford Escape, I began to notice a change in me.  It wasn't quite a new thing, but a new intensity and duration.  My muscles ached deep, deep within me, gnawing from the inside out.

This is the beginning of a major life change, a journey of sorts that has birthed a new self.  It's been hard (almost impossible at times) and is ongoing; however, I have come to be thankful for what it's brought me to.

Being a teacher and a lover of learning, I have done a lot of research.  Seeking insight, knowledge, and help from every place I could find it.  This blog is to share my path on this journey.  One:  Just so I can have it recorded somewhere.  Two: Hopefully help others through this sharing.

I have come to witness and understand that Fibromyalgia comes in many forms with a variety of symptoms and a variety of ways that people choose to handle it.  I have learned from others' stories; however, no one that I've encountered has taken the path I've been on.  I feel that by sharing what I've gone through and am going through might give insight to someone else.  I don't think anyone will have the same path as you, so gleaning from many, may lead you in the direction you will want to go.

I have chosen to accept the pain by managing it as much as possible. Sounds easy, right?  Just manage it. This blog will go into the details of how my life has been impacted, some of the possible reasons Fibromyalgia developed in me, and how I am managing it.  I have gone from PAINfully Living to painFULLY Living since my diagnosis this past November (2018).

I will share as best as I can through my words the raw truths that I've been living with.  I don't want to sugar coat anything.  Fibromyalgia is an all-encompassing, chronic disorder: physical, emotional, and mental.  To share my path will mean sharing it all.   It will be cathartic for me and hopefully helpful to some. Join me in this, and we'll see where it goes!

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